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We use the same crystal as the biggest teams in the industry for our motocross graphics, which is also used in MXGP.

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motocross graphics


Motocross Graphics!!! Althea Design Mx Graphics team consists of efficient and competent professionals. Our crystal stickers can totally renovate your dirt bike or enduro bike, and most importantly, they can protect it from bumps and falls. Our motocross graphics have a thickness of 0.5mm and in addition to this have a specific adhesive for motocross plastics, in addition, our crystal is with “air free” technology, this allows perfect application without bubbles, as the adhesive is structured with microchannels that let out any air.


Official Honda license. Designed, produced and distributed by Althea Design. Honda, the Wing brand, Honda vehicles and their graphics, and all associated emblems, logos, trademarks, and vehicle names are trademarks and intellectual property of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

We use only crystal specifically for motocross 0.5 mm with ultra-aggressive adhesive, in addition, our crystal is with “air free” technology, this allows perfect application without bubbles.

Do you have an XC or enduro team? Contact us for an exclusive offer, you will have your own custom graphics with all your sponsor logos, a graphic designer will be on hand to complete the perfect design for your team.


Motocross Graphics

Althea Design is a company specializing in motocross graphics with several years of experience and passion. Precisely because of our vocation for motocross, we have the opportunity to personally test the motocross graphics we offer after we have thought, designed and created them. That’s why all our motocross graphics have eye-catching and vibrant colors, unique in design and creativity.

Motocross Graphics FAQ

At this link you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive every day.

Motocross graphic design

Althea Design has a team of talented designers working on original graphic designs for dirt bikes. We make custom motocross graphics kits for individual riders, teams, teams and motocross schools. When it comes to motocross graphics, we take our work seriously and use the best materials available.

Materials for motocross graphics

For making our motocross graphics, we use the world’s best printing medium, Ultracurve X1, coupled with Crystal Ultracurve 1500, is the same material that is used in MXGP. Our motocross stickers are made in the U.S.A.

MX Graphics

With our motocross stickers you can get your own custom motorcycle graphics kit with name enumber of your choice. In addition, with the custom motocross graphics kit you can insert your personal logo.