Air Free Technology: applying stickers has never been easier

How air free adhesive technology works

Applying motocross graphics can seem like a delicate task that requires time and patience. But that’s not the case thanks to our adhesive backings equipped with Air Free technology, an innovative system that facilitates the application of motorcycle graphics, plus allows for flawless repositioning.

An ‘easy application is “air free”
The application of air free adhesive films is quick and easy. It is done dry, and thanks to the special microstructure of the adhesive, it is perfect and completely free of bubbles and creases. This technology cuts application time in half and makes it easy for the inexperienced.

Using a cutter to puncture bubbles is no longer required, so the original plastic of the motorcycle, for example, will not be damaged.

The Air Free Tecnology system is ideal for motocross graphics.

How to apply Air Free film

Before applying graphics to motorcycle plastics, it is recommended that the substrate be thoroughly cleaned with an isopropyl alcohol-based solution and all dust be removed. The application temperature must also be taken into account for flawless application.