New KTM 150, 250 and 300 enduro 2020

Austrian manufacturer KTM offers new motocross enduros from the 2020 series, which features a much revamped offering. The models all have Euro 4 type approval, and the biggest innovation is the from the unprecedented KTM 150 EXC TPI, which optimally mixes some parts mechanics derived from the 125 cc engine and the fuel-injected electronics derived from the KTM 250 EXC T PI and KTM 300 EXC TPI models.

In this article we intend to talk about the new 2-model times, namely the aforementioned KTM 150 EXC TPI 2020, KTM 250 TPI 2020 and KTM 300 TPI 250. As we will note, the 250 and the 300 are full of innovations, thus helping to confirm KTM a important reference point in the enduro industry. In fact, the collaboration of hundreds of experienced engineers has enabled technological progress of great range, never seen before on standard enduro bikes.

In fact, on the whole, it can be said that all of the two times of KTM’s enduro series have seen considerable improvements. In many respects, even the choice to replace the 125 with the new 150 will reveals apt. With the experience gained over the years, they are giant strides have been made, and the new 2-stroke EXC TPIs prove to be much more advanced than even those of the generation just before. In fact, the innovations that have been made are so many, both from a general point of view than with regard to vehicles taken individually.

The innovations made on the 2020 EXC range, in. general concern:

  • Higher performance engines;
  • Updates on engine mapping 2 times;
  • New frame, more rigid, offering a greater stability. At the same time, both the handling and the driveability;
  • Upgraded suspension capable of improving damping and the overall behavior of the vehicle;
  • New saddle, which was fixed with a single screw to offer faster interventions;
  • Optimized cooling, thanks to new radiators;
  • Stronger exhaust system and more lightweight, which contributes to greater performance.

These are absolutely noteworthy bikes for excellent reasons. However, you can get even more out of your 2020 KTM enduro model, making it more in line with your aesthetic tastes with KTM enduro graphics to choose from for customization. Such ktm graphics contribute to give more style to these striking vehicles.

In the following paragraphs, you can get more details about the individual 2020 models related to KTM’s 2-stroke enduro motorcycles.

The new KTM 150 EXC TPI 2020

The most relevant news for the 2020 enduro series KTM concerns the introduction of the KTM 150 EXC TPI. It is a model of Innovative motorcycle, the result of previous experience in the field by the company motorcycling.

It has a completely redesigned powertrain so as to Create more torque, especially in the low range. It also looks different filter case, as well as the intake system. Also new is the cylinder, as well as the exhaust system and timing of ignition. By the way of ignition: it was enlarged, so as to create the sufficient electricity for injection. In addition, the new Of friction with disc springs.

The decision to introduce this model instead of the 125 seems, on the whole, apt. Further supporting this is also the fact that driving it is a very fun experience. The KTM 150 EXC TPI 2020 It is also very light as well as easy to drive. Its engine allows, Also, to achieve very similar torque to that of the 250.

Its characteristic torque allows it to travel with the long gears. In addition, it is very appreciable how quickly it stops When the brake is applied. However, it should also be said that here the engine stops push rather early unlike the old 125, so it is not recommended Running too long in the same gear.

Overall, it is definitely an appreciable vehicle that Will have many admirers. In addition, KTM custom graphics can Make it even more fascinating. In fact, by choosing custom KTM 150 EXC TPI graphics, you can customize its appearance, even to Stand out more from other pilots and thus strengthen your personal way of understanding motorcycling.

KTM 250 EXC TPI model 2020: features and innovations

Thanks to the two years of competitions and improvements, the 2020 model of the KTM 250 EXC TPI sees further refinement of the carburetion, keeping itself agile and snappy. In addition, like the other models at 2-stroke sees improvements to the electronics, but also to the muffler: the latter Has veins that make it more resistant to various impacts.

If you wish, you can customize this vehicle as you most like it, so that you can make it even more in tune with the way you drive. In addition, by applying customized graphics you can decorate it following your style, with important advantages: custom graphics KTM 250 EXC TPI will help you feel the bike even more your own, and this could have beneficial effects even on the way you drive.

KTM 300 EXC TPI model 2020: features and innovations

The new power supply of the KTM 300 TPI 2020 enhances the characteristics of this bike. While remaining agile and snappy, the vehicle is also enhanced by torque and pull in the low and mid-range, great value. It also stands out for its ease of driving: all this contributes to making it among the best off-road KTMs ever. Between price and ease of routine maintenance, it holds its own against 4-stroke motocross machines. Yes this is a dirt bike worthy of receiving so much praise, both from the experts than by novices.

And if we talk about his appearance, even then it’s about. Of a fascinating vehicle. In addition, you could apply custom KTM graphics to it: in this way, you will make your motocross even more nice to see. By choosing the right aesthetic customization with the custom KTM 300 EXC TPI graphics, you can transform your KTM 300 EXC TPI 2020 by giving it the aesthetic touch you like, making it even More pleasant to drive.

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