Honda 2023: new things coming in dirt bikes

Two years after the debut of the new 2021 models, Honda, the legendary Japanese automaker, is back in the news.

And with a hint of anticipation, to enhance the surprise effect.

Indeed, on the heels of its 50th anniversary, it unveils its newest model the CRF 450R 2023.

And it does not fail to make optimizations even on the 2023 version of the CRF250R, which is technically identical to its predecessor, but is dressed in a celebratory livery accompanied by the HRC logo.

The CRF250RX and CRF450RX version 2023 models, however, are not yet marketed in Italy.

But let’s look at everything in detail.

Honda CRF450R 2023: all the new features

The anniversary celebration with the new range traces the entire history of the company, from when in the now distant 1973, a blazing new CR250M Elsinore made its debut on the tracks.

With its clean tank and no-frills lines, it had revolutionized the way motocross bikes were made.

A revolution that Soichiro Honda kept well in mind even during the later 1980s, and which is now revived in the 2023 layout.

Blue saddle, white number plates, gold-colored wheels and handlebars, and dark gray plates and fork make for a tribute that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

But the technology is completely actualized.

The CRF450R 2023 has an optimized frame, suspension and engines for a smoother and faster ride.

While new intake ducts and manifold, combined with a new throttle body and a completely rethought timing system, give the engine unexpected thrust from low rpm.

But that is not all.

To complete, the frame was also revised as well as the damping system.

The result is a more precise ride equipped with unmatched traction.

Finally, if the silencer was completely revised ( as were the forks), this did not result in increases in the weight of the vehicle. In this way, engineers preserved the original lightness that made Honda motocross unique and legendary.

Honda Graphics

An iconic motorcycle, which on the cross-country course stands out for its beauty and performance.


But how about ad hoc customization, designed specifically for you and your Honda, with attention to detail?

You could get the most out of this bike, even aesthetically, by applying the custom graphics that you yourself can choose.

White numberplates and fenders, pillar guards, swingarms, filter case, conveyors lend themselves to customization that will make your bike unique .

And it will get noticed.

From the starting gate to the podium. Along all routes, even the most treacherous ones.

And not only because of the incredible power and performance.

But most of all for the unique graphics you will have chosen together with a team of experts and a graphic designer who will follow up with you to ensure your perfect design.

The result will be an iconic dirt bike that can be identified in any situation, even under a mountain of mud!

That’s right!

Because the graphics designed by take advantage of unique technology that protects against bumps and drops, able to withstand the most adverse conditions.

And with the “air free” system, which uses microchannels for air to escape, you can say goodbye to obnoxious bubbles and the outdated cutter.

Applying adhesives has never been easier, and you will have the opportunity to have an adrenaline-pumping and aesthetic experience at the same time.

An unmissable opportunity not to go unnoticed.

What are you waiting for?

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