KTM 125 SX : the innovation of 2-stroke 2023

Engine reborn and interesting developments the KTM 125 SX looks completely revamped.

Competitive in her class, she continues to accumulate awards by beating out the competition.

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KTM 125 SX: the newness of 2-strokes

A profound overhaul with a range of technological evolutions that come straight from the field experience of hundreds of competitions around the world.

A sleeker, more streamlined aesthetic that can, however, provide full control to any rider. Of all levels.

This is how the KTM 125 SX license plate 2023 presents itself to its expectant audience.

With lots of modifications and adjustments.


The brand new hydroformed steel tube frame was designed and built following strict, carefully calculated parameters .

And it is distinguished by being laser cut and welded by ultra-high-precision robots.

The increased thickness improves its safety and rigidity by making all those parts subjected to continuous stress ( steering headstock and monoshock mounts, for example) reliable

New parallel motor mounts increase its flexibility.

The result is a new chassis concept that not only offers exceptional straight-line stability, but also acts as a real shock absorber. Giving the rider a less uncomfortable and tiring riding experience, even on the most challenging routes.

The footplate supports have also been moved inward to reduce the risk of touching in deep channels such as jumps.

Black powder coated and finished with a matte treatment that protects it, it weighs just over 1.8 kilograms thanks to the use of weight-saving aluminum.

Also redesign chain guard and chain slide. While the swingarm has been optimized

Cushioning and ergonomics

New, however , the single shock absorber reduced in length and weight, but not in performance. The wheel travel remains, in fact, 300 meters.

Adjustments, however, can be made by hand allowing easy and quick changes in response at low speeds. So is the redesigned extension register. Together, these variations allow the rider to make adjustments without the use of tools or dedicated technicians.

Ergonomically, more extensive plastics and attention to the body-means contact areas have made the KTM 125 SX 2023 easier to control and handle. Giving more confidence and a unique driving experience.

What about the engine?

It is the one that has undergone the most updates.

First among them is the electronic fuel injection ( present , finally, on all models).

Innovation that allows all 2-strokes optimal delivery in all conditions without the need for intervention.

The reed valve comes with new outer plastic baffles that optimally protect the intake tract and prevent the engine from going out of carburation in the steepest sections.

The introduction of electric fuel injection, then, allows the valve to be electronically controlled according to throttle position and engine speed. Ensuring consistent and predictable delivery regardless of throttle opening.

More compact exhaust manifold and reduced aluminum silencer complete the substantial changes.

Finally, the lithium-ion battery, placed under the seat, which is very light , provides a significant weight reduction.

To all this must be added the electric starter with redesigned start/stop button located on the right side of the handlebars.

All to press and give gas to get off to a blazing start.

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KTM 125 SX 2023 graphics

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