KTM 250 SX 2023: excellence at the top

Until last year, KTM 250 SX was a legend.

Model 2023 goes up a step to be unattainable in competition!

Follow us to learn all the details.

KTM 250 SX 2023: a legend that becomes a myth

Do you want a unique and unstoppable motorcycle in competition ?

Are you ready for a novelty circuit?

The 2-stroke from the house of KTM , model 250 cm3 is the one for you.

At the starting gate you can adjust the suspension manually without the help of tools or technicians, thanks to the Adjustable DCC. Both front and rear.

The new shock absorber, has been rethought to allow you to make all changes and fine-tune settings for both high and low speeds in seconds.

Even adjusting the forks has become a breeze !

A single pneumatic valve and easily accessible extension registers make maneuvering quick and easy.

What about thestandard electronic fuel injection?

No more pre-race fuel adjustments!

The new design guarantees you optimal power all the time.

And, finally, the electric starter.

To respond in seconds to any setback. And resume hurtling, uncatchable, toward the podium.

The 12.8V, 2Ah Lithium-ion battery, strategically placed under the seat, conclude the package of new features, but only for now.

Now it’s your turn to step on the gas to test out all the other new features you’ll discover on the cross track.

Grit at the start with the torque throttle valve and injection.

In fact, the new valve allows maximum power to be harnessed from low rpm and ensures unprecedented traction .

To take the lead in the race right away!

An advantage that can translate into an epic victory.

Just manage the new selection switch. By selecting one of the 2 available mappings, you can decide for a smooth and rational delivery, or, with a pinch of courage, exuberant and intense.

Needless to say, in both cases you should expect explosive performance.

With its engine weighing just 23.9 kilograms, it is a highly competitive “one-of-a-kind” in the 250 cm3 class.

What about on the track?

When the battle gets tough, the tough guys start fighting.
And KTM 250 SX is with you.

No matter how treacherous the track is, the new, uniquely designed frame will give you full control.

Designed to improve longitudinal rigidity, it allowed rotating masses to be repositioned toward the bike’s center of gravity, ensuring stability and handling.

For a lighter and more agile feel.

The innermost footboards also help reduce the danger of “deep ruts” and accompany you by indulging your scrubs.

A new geometry that improves linkage and ground clearance. Not insignificant detail.

But that is not all.

The hydroformed and robot-welded frame, designed on carefully calculated bending and torsion parameters, acts like a shock absorber that makes riding comfortable and less tiring. Especially on the most treacherous circuits.

In short, profound modifications and special features studied to the smallest detail that make KTM 250 SX a killer performance vehicle!

Absolute protagonist of your victories!

And to be unique in livery as well, follow us in the next paragraph.

KTM 250 SX graphics

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