Yamaha YZ450F 2023, revolutionized in everything

MxGP, Ama Pro Motocross and Supercross experience for the new Yamaha YZ450F.

-2kg and +5% power is the result.

And a striking color graphic package capable of standing out, always.

In short, an interesting upgrade for the legendary Japanese manufacturer that is betting big on motocross.


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Yamaha YZ450F

Light, streamlined and precise, the YZ450F boasts a very long list over the Mx1 2022 model that make it much better performing and easier to handle.

The aluminum double-beam frame is stiffened at key points, new ergonomics and recalibrated suspension are the major changes.

But other aspects have also undergone a major revolution

A flat-spring clutch, entirely redesigned filter case and redesigned 5-speed gearbox complete the changes to the mechanics.

Ergonomics, sees an all-new saddle-handlebar-pedals triangulation.

With the higher saddle ( 1 cm) and lower pedals, leg room gains 2 cm of extension.

The aesthetics, with new plastics, pocket a sleeker profile and a light, decidedly fresh and modern look that you can customize as you see fit.

Yamaha YZ450F: the engine

Engineers certainly spared no effort to improve the engine of this all-muscle, all-energy vehicle.

The engine, with its characteristic 180-degree rotated head and scarf manifold, gained +5% in power and greater uniformity in delivery.

This is thanks to the joint work of engineers with MxGP, Ama Pro Motocross and Supercross experts who have updated and revamped

  • piston, aluminum
  • cylinder body
  • drive shaft
  • titanium motor valves

all complemented by a brand new dry-sump lubrication.

In short, a real redesign that left out no detail. Neither is the intake system, which has been completely revised and allows the engine to run an extra 500 rpm.

The solution that allowed the technical team that extra 5 percent power.

What about the 2kg less?

They were made through the clutch housing and springs.

The former a steel one-piece and the latter disc-shaped ones, replacing the traditional heavier helical ones, allowed them to take weight off the vehicle.

Last but certainly not least, the revised and corrected Power Tuner app allows for easy and quick modifications to best tackle any type of circuit. Also at the edge of the runway, in progress, if new fund conditions require it.

And the addition of the “Rev Limit” function allows you to choose the maximum speed between 6000 and 11000rpm.

All that’s left for you to do is to give 100% gas and focus on getting going!

Unique and personal Yamaha graphics

Yamaha YZ450F Graphics

And to distinguish yourself from the start to the podium?

With such a medium, all you have to do is devise a unique costuming suitable to make it personally recognizable down to the last detail.

With Altheadesign.co.uk, fenders, stem guards, swingarms, tables, filter case and conveyors can become original and exclusive.

And you can also include your personal logo where you wish.

With you will be a graphic designer and a team of professionals who will follow you step by step to create a Yamaha sticker kit fully customized kit that you can receive at your home in less than 10 days.

What about payment?

You can pay on delivery or spread the cost into 3 convenient installments with Clearpay.

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Ordering is so easy.

Just enter the model and year of your Yamaha motocross or Yamaha enduro into the appropriate fields and you can have graphics designed exclusively for your bike.

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