Kawasaki KX250: the green that doesn’t disappoint

Created for you to be a protagonist, the Kawasaki KX250, is the green light to win and have fun.

Revamped in the engine, it is more powerful thanks to optimizations throughout the vehicle.

Follow me to find out the details.

Kawasaki KX250: the features

The 249 cc 4-stroke engine, version 2023, is completely revamped from its predecessor.

New all-aluminum perimeter frame, which comes with hydraulic clutch and electric start, is more powerful and snappy.

Ready for incredible starts and unexpected performance, it guarantees fun in full offroad spirit.

For those who enjoy challenging circuits, jumps and whips.

But engine power is not the only new feature of the new version.

The suspension setting has also been completely revised and updated, both in the rear and front wheels.

This provides significantly greater cornering performance and more stability

New tires, and increased size, especially on the rear train, also contribute substantially to improved traction.

The result is a perfect synchrony between structure and mechanical performance.

To make you a champion, unforgettable on any cross track.

How to say no to such a jewel?

Especially if the search for quality and functionality extends to accessories and clothing.

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Accessories: here’s what’s new 2023

A world of possibilities in both accessories and clothing, designed specifically to provide comfort, adaptability and functionality.

Let’s find out together.


The new Stainless/Titanium KX250F Racing Exhaust System is the spearhead of the series.

Lighter and quieter, its titanium silencer ensures compliance with FIM noise limits.

As in, roaring just enough, but with that class that makes all the difference.

Not to mention the details.

The very light aluminum or steel rear crowns are definitely a functional and aesthetic touch not to be overlooked

What about the front fork springs and rear shock absorber?

Optional, but unmissable to adapt tu KX250 to any circuit and always win.

To top it off, then, a nice touch with the silencer end cap. Lime green and flexible, not only functional in preventing water from entering the drain when washing the motorcycle, it is also a striking aesthetic detail.

So is the box mat. Black and green, with the iconic logo, it boasts dustproof features and high absorbency. A good way to rest your bike between races.

But to be truly unique and recognizable from the starting gate to the podium, you need something more. That original touch that can make you unique even under a mountain of mud!


Three words only: custom Kawasaki KX250 graphics.

althea design motocross graphics

Graphics Kawasaki KX250

Not only accessories and clothing.

To make sure you are always recognized, you need graphics designed just for you and your vehicle.

What you need is Altheadesign.com.

The only one that can guarantee you custom and original Kawasaki graphics, with cutting-edge technology and experienced professionals.

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Your Kawasaki KX250 sticker kit guarantees graphics made with official crystal used in MXGP.

Personalized with name and number of your choice and possibility, in addition, to include personal logos in your Kawasaki sticker kit.

In about 6/10 working days, you can make your bike unique and recognizable by paying on delivery or in 3 convenient Clearpay installments.

Ordering is so easy.

Just enter the model and year of your Kawasaki KX250 motorcycle in the appropriate fields, and you can have graphics designed exclusively for your bike.

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What more could you want?

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