GASGAS Mc 250 Fresh Spice

The ultimate for premix enthusiasts, the GASGAS MC 250 2023 comes out revised, powerful and lightweight.

A result capable of ensuring endless fun and unique aesthetics. Unquestionably distinguishable even under tons of mud!

The 2-stroke Mc 250 fully meets the expectations of all riders who love simplicity and maximum fun.

At a base price that remains well below 10K.

Fill up and follow us as we discover what’s new in 2023.

Anatomy of a motorcycle

Powerful engine and lightweight chassis.

This is the first innovation that brings power and fun to the max.

The start is firm and smooth. For this reason, the saddle has a high-grip cover that provides a super grip that can ensure you control and maneuverability.

The bright red superstructures are designed to ensure freedom of movement even in the most complex maneuvers.

Handlebars, grips and throttle promise comfort and control thanks to studied pressure points on the rider’s hands. In addition, the vulcanized right knob has a built-in acceleration mechanism that allows its progression to be changed by changing a cam.

And if driving is really your priority you will love the new air filter case.

No more wasting time tinkering laboriously around your bike!

The new practical and easy filter mounting system requires no tools, and replacement is really a breeze.

And what about the frame?

  • light
  • steel
  • hydroformed
  • Laser cut and assembled with a robot

is designed to be rigid where it is needed and flexible where flexibility is needed.

Provides energy absorption and straight-line stability.

The engine is compact with countershaft for smooth power at high RPM.

Highly competitive boasts innovations such as a TVC exhaust-controlled throttle valve.

All without concessions to usability and handling.

The braking system consists of Brembo calipers and controls. With a 260 mm disc at the front and a 220 mm disc at the rear, braking is easy,

To push harder and go faster. In total safety.

Finally, the wheels are designed to withstand any stress. Ready to play hard.

And you, are you ready to stand out in every detail?

In this case you need unique and original GASGAS graphics.

Customized GASGAS graphics

GASGAS MC 250 graphics

To stand out in the mud of the toughest motocross tracks and not go unnoticed from the starting gate to the podium,, is waiting for you with a team of dedicated professionals and graphic designers to make your dirt bike exclusive and original.

The GASGAS graphics proposals as well as embellish fenders, pillar guards, swingarms, tables, filter case and conveyors uses the best technologies, specifically designed for your motorcycle.

And they can include your personal logo, naturally placed in the spot you most prefer, for an original aesthetic result.

With you will be a graphic designer and a team of professionals who will follow you step by step to create a fully customized GasGas sticker kit that you can receive at your home in less than 10 days.

What about payment?

You can pay on delivery or spread the cost into 3 convenient installments with Clearpay.

If, on the other hand, you dread the application, “air free” technology ensures a flawless job without unsightly bubbles. Then, you can also watch our dedicated video tutorial to the application of the Yamaha sticker kit

Ordering is so easy.

Just enter the model and year of your GasGas dirt bike in the appropriate fields and you can have graphics designed exclusively for your bike.

Only the best, then, for your bike and an exclusive aesthetic result.

We look forward to seeing you on our website