KTM 690 : the most versatile

Benchmark in the medium-displacement segment KTM 690 remains an evergreen not to be underestimated. In fact.

The 2021 outfitting, revamped in appearance and equipment, has made this vehicle more beautiful and high-performance with the inclusion of the LC4 single-cylinder engine.

Lightweight and streamlined, it is suitable for any cross track and can be used in all conditions and on all circuits. Even the most challenging ones.

The steel trellis frame accompanied by the fully adjustable WP XPLORE suspension gives great smoothness to the ride. Which is why it is extremely active and responsive to even the most difficult requests.

Standard electronics also play their part, allowing optimization of the single-cylinder LC4 Euro 5 engine that delivers an impressive 74 hp of all-out power.

Regarding safety, not to be forgotten is the inertial platform that directly intervenes in ABS and Tracker Control.

With these standards all you have to do is step on the gas and enjoy driving. With a truly unforgettable experience.

KTM 690 how does it go?

Indeed, the first impression is of a narrow and light vehicle thanks to painstaking work that allowed engineers to devise a more comfortable riding position and streamlined conveyors.

The result is an easier ride and better handling in difficult and winding stretches.

Finally, the saddle featuring high-tech materials provides grip and decent comfort for a pleasant experience throughout the race.

To all this must be addedthe engine, which, thanks to its specifications, sports extraordinary acceleration.

To put it simply, kick-ass.

The electronic transmission, then, makes you forget about the clutch, and shifting gears becomes a breeze.

Fast and independent of engine rpm, it allows optimization of all 6 ratios on all types of routes: both slow and fast.

The suspension is soft.

Particularly suitable for medium speeds, they might turn the noses of drivers who want more technical funds and driving.

In fact, excellent traction, coupled with a light front end that makes the bike maneuverable, makes the KTM690 perform even on sandy and muddy terrain. And suitable in fast changes of direction.

So please everyone. Even the most demanding riders.

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