KTM 300 2023: the unreleased 2T that surprises!

KTM 300 2023 is the surprise of KTM House that has renewed the entire range.

Unprecedented and customizable as you like, this bike offers all the new features you’re looking for.

Let’s find out together.

The 2-stroke motorcycle you don’t expect

The revolution that has swept through KTM is truly amazing

But new chassis and new engines for the four-and-a-half, are not the only tricks up this House’s sleeve

What is surprising, in fact, are two new features

  1. 2-strokes abandoning the carburetor and fitting a fuel-injected system without a mixer
  2. the KTM 300 2023.

A jewel, this one, of power and handling capable of defining your riding style without shadow.

Featuring cross-displacement, hitherto reserved for TM Racing, the KTM 300 2023 is the most powerful 2-stroke in the range .

For this reason, it stands as a real force capable of introducing a new level and a new way of doing motocross.

If, then, you are looking for maximum power at the lowest possible weight, the engine with more than57 horsepower and only 23.9 kilograms of weight will surely satisfy you.

Equipped with more torque, it stands out in character and yields nothing to the quick revving, typical of 2-strokes.

This is thanks to two weapons that make it innovative and unique in the dirt bike market

  1. Electronic fuel injection ( standard on all 2Ts) capable of achieving an optimal air-mixture mix at all times. Coupled with the two new injectors, which spray more finely, it ensures clean and smooth ignition.
  2. Theelectric starter working without intermediate shafts.

In addition, rounding out the new features you will find

  • the lithium-ion battery under the saddle
  • the electronically controlled exhaust valve
  • the compact muffler
  • the reduced silencer
  • engine maps managed by the handlebar selector switch

The result is a dirt bike with immediate response and prompt, explosive delivery.

All defined with a view to simplicity and low maintenance costs.

What is missing, then?

KTM 300 2023 graphics

KTM 300 2023, is a unique vehicle capable of top performance.

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