Suzuki “Army Edition”


Finally unveiled is the special Suzuki “Army Edition,” which is revamped in color but not in technical package.

We are talking, of course, about the RM-Z 450 model completely revised in 2019 and confirmed again this year.

If not for new and eye-catching aesthetic accents

Suzuki RM-Z 450

Suzuki 2023 goes on stage but without any major changes.

In fact, the four-seed of the Japanese house features the same technical set-up as in 2022.

A package introduced four years ago in 2018 and carefully preserved. If not for a small modification to the shock absorber.

In fact, in 2020 we had seen the introduction of a different spring for the rear, which was then confirmed in subsequent years.

We have thus arrived at the 2023 range.

Also this year, the Suzuki RM-Z 2023 features an advanced traction management system.

Confirmed are the lightweight aluminum alloy frame and swingarm, and the engine: a 4-valve twin-shaft with 5-speed transmission. Changes, these, introduced in 2019 that proved successful and, therefore, retained in the new range.

Together, not to be forgotten are the disc brakes and dual injectors, also repurposed as per previous modifications.

But if a horse that wins cannot be changed, aesthetics is another matter.

Thus, in Japan, the news that Suzuki lovers have been waiting for pops up.

This is a special trim, the RM Army Edition, which differs by adding a nice new touch: the light blue color.

An addition to Suzuki’s classic yellow and blue livery that can make it even more distinguishable.

It is no coincidence that this extra sits prominently on the radiator shrouds along with a Suzuki “S” that leaves no doubt…

And to complete this unique and unmistakable model, the RM Army Edition version mounts a full Akrapovic exhaust with race specifications.

A “treat” for true lovers of the genre not to be missed.

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