Suzuki RM Z 250 2023: designed to win

The Suzuki RM Z 250 2023 is the motocross bike born to win on all circuits

Designed to provide the right balance of acceleration, cornering behavior and braking needed to win in this ultra-competitive class, it is the result of tireless work by engineers.

And once again the House 2-stroke is leading the range.

See the details.

Suzuki RM Z 250

Inspired by its big sister, the 450 RM Z, in its new 2023 guise boasts top innovations

  • more powerful engine at all engine speeds
  • top of the line electronics
  • Lighter frame and swingarm
  • Updated suspension for enhanced rideability
  • revamped look

But also numerous other updates.

That is why it aims to be the number one, most powerful motocross motorcycle in its class.

Above all, to give you the most intense emotions on any circuit.

Suzuki RM Z 250 2023 on track
Suzuki RM Z 250 2023 on track


Suzuki RM Z 250 is a motorcycle designed for amateur motocross, but with adrenaline-fueled performance, thanks to exceptional rideability and near-perfect balance. Details, these, that have made it for nearly 20 years the bike with the most acceptance among motocross enthusiasts.

In addition, in order not to disappoint, the Japanese manufacturer’s engineers focused on handling and cornering speed.

The aluminum and ultra-light frame has been entirely redesigned to provide +10% rigidity and embrace the engine. Which is thus positioned higher increasing agility on the track.

Also new is the variable-section hydroformed aluminum swingarm, it is connected to the adjustable monoshock to ensure proper springing.

Novelties designed to supportincredible riding precision in all conditions, which are accomapgnano to theintelligent revision of the riding position . More collected, this one allows for greater loading on the front end.

The modular braking system, proves to be more powerful and immediate.

Just as more powerful is the start, thanks tofuel injection and mechanical upgrades.

The result is greater torque availability at all engine speeds.

Without missing a beat.

For a rocket start managed, too, by the unique S HAC (Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control) system that can always choose the right ignition timing and modulation according to the terrain of the cross-course.

Theupdated electronics support all other phases of driving through an innovative system that

  • Monitors the number of engine revolutions
  • the position of the accelerator
  • the gear engaged

and intervenes to dose the power output.

To make sure you get the most out of it after a phenomenal start.

What is missing?

The personal touch.

It’s time for Altheadesign!

That allows you to customize this unique vehicle and make yourself original from the starting gate to the podium.

althea design motocross graphics
Customize with Suzuki RM Z 250 2023 graphics

Customized Suzuki RM Z 250 2023 graphics

The SuzukiRM Z 250 2023graphics offered by Altheadesign in addition to embellishing fenders, pillar guards, swingarms, tables, filter case and manifolds uses the best technologies, specifically designed for your bike.

To stand out in the mud of the toughest cross-country tracks and not go unnoticed from the starting gate to the podium,

So,, is waiting for you with a team of dedicated professionals and graphic designers to make your dirt bike exclusive and original.

It will also help you to include your personal logo, naturally placed in the spot you most prefer, for an original aesthetic result.

With you will be a graphic designer and a team of professionals who will follow you step by step to create a fully customized Suzuki RM Z 250 sticker kit that you can receive at your home in less than 10 days.

What about payment?

You can pay on delivery or spread the cost into 3 convenient installments with Clearpay.

If, on the other hand, you dread the application, “air free” technology ensures a flawless job without unsightly bubbles. Then, you can also watch our dedicated video tutorial to applying the Suzuki RM Z 250 2023 sticker kit and follow the instructions on the dedicated page

Ordering is so easy.

Simply enter the model and year of your Suzuki RM Z 250 2023 dirt bike in the appropriate fields , and you can have graphics designed exclusively for your bike.

Only the best, then, and an exclusive aesthetic result.

We look forward to seeing you on our website