GasGas 300 2023: simplicity and lightness

GasGas 300 2023, in its new guise is the perfect bike for great riders .who want to dare any offroad trail.

Modern and sturdy, it lightly tackles any track, from the most linear to the most twisty and tight.

But it is also versatile, suitable for first-timers.

Powerful engine, turns out absolutely manageable capable of responding to any situation.

And to adapt to all driving styles, including the most demanding ones.

It is, in fact, a real workhorse with 6-speed electronic fuel injection.

Equipped with a throttle valve with TVC exhaust control,specific gearbox ratios and a vibration-reducing countershaft, it is defined as the perfect high-performance 2-stroke.

The chassis, designed to the smallest detail, is able to absorb any roughness in the terrain.

Thanks to frames made using laser-cut lightweight chrome-molybdenum steel, robot-welded for total precision and strength!

All of this integrated with a specially calculated flexibility that ensures maximum performance in the harshest and most treacherous conditions.

While its light weight allows it to successfully attack even the roughest mule tracks and most altered terrain.

Surprisingly “bad” at maximum rpm, it meets the needs of even the most demanding riders with performance you wouldn’t expect.

In short, a 2-stroke motorcycle made with cutting-edge technology prepared to offer simplicity in operation and, at the same time, smooth and vigorous power.

And incredible maneuverability.

Maintenance costs and low fuel consumption finally make it an absolutely attractive vehicle.

Also in light of the fact that it does not require premixing.

Do you think it might be the right medium for you?

Then you can only rush to purchase it!

It can be yours for 10,350 euros.

But to make it truly unique , you absolutely have to personalize it.


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It’s time for AltheaDesign!

GasGas 300 2023 graphics with AltheaDesign

GasGas Graphics 300 2023 2T

To stand out in the mud of the toughest motocross tracks and not go unnoticed from the starting gate to the podium,, is waiting for you with a team of dedicated professionals and graphic designers to make your dirt bike exclusive and original.

The GASGAS graphics 300 2023 proposals as well as embellish fenders, pillar guards, swingarms, tables, filter case and conveyors uses the best technologies, specifically designed for your bike.

And they can include your personal logo, naturally placed in the spot you most prefer, for an original aesthetic result.

With you will be a graphic designer and a team of professionals who will follow you step by step to create a fully customized GasGas 300 2023 2T sticker kit that you can receive at your home in less than 10 days.

What about payment?

You can pay on delivery or spread the cost into 3 convenient installments with Clearpay.

Clearpay: to pay better and conveniently

If, on the other hand, you dread the application, “air free” technology ensures a flawless job without unsightly bubbles. Then, you can also watch our dedicated video tutorial to the application of the Yamaha sticker kit

Ordering is so easy.

Just enter the model and year of your GasGas dirt bike in the appropriate fields and you can have graphics designed exclusively for your bike.

Only the best, then, for your bike and an exclusive aesthetic result.

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