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Honda Graphics
All Honda graphics can be made for any model and year of motorcycle, from CR 125 to CRF 450, CRM and CRE

Official Honda license. Designed, produced and distributed by Althea Design. Honda, the Wing brand, Honda vehicles and their graphics, and all associated emblems, logos, trademarks, and vehicle names are trademarks and intellectual property of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

In our store you will find your Honda CRF motocross or CRF enduro sticker kit . Our motorcycle graphics are made with official crystal used in MXGP. Custom CRF graphics with name and number of your choice, possibility, also to insert personal logos in your Honda sticker kit.

You can conveniently pay on delivery or in 3 installments with Clearpay, you will receive your custom Honda graphics in about 6 to 10 working days, and then have fun applying them on your Honda, you can also watch our video tutorial dedicated to applying the kit Honda stickers. For any other information please do not hesitate to contact us via whatsapp, our support team will give you all the info you need.

The motorcycle models are so numerous that it would be impossible to display all the corresponding photos. In any case, although we only show the latest model for each brand, the Crf sticker kit will be made exactly for your bike, once you choose the design, just enter the model and year of your CRF motocross or CRF enduro in the appropriate fields. We have CR 125 stickers, CRF motard stickers, and CRF enduro stickers










Honda Graphics

One of the solutions to make your bike even more special are definitely Honda Graphics. Compatible for all versions and displacements, Althea Design offers a sticker kit produced with the Official Crystal material (used for MXGP competitions). Your bike could become a real bragging point to show off during motocross sessions, enough to make the top pros envious. Honda' s outstanding Graphics are the starting point for burning up dirt, asphalt or many other types of surfaces. You can customize them with number, logo and name, available in matte or glossy versions or even adapt them by changing their composition by asking us in the appropriate form.  

Honda sticker kit

  The Honda Graphics Kit includes the following components:  
  • Stickers Conveyors
  • Stickers Tables
  • Filter Case Stickers
  • Fender Stickers
  • Adhesives Parasteles
  • Swingarm Stickers
Definitely the best way to customize the look of your bike and give it an extremely personal touch. We can offer you the best product on the market, adequate for those who face the thrill of motocross. Our Honda sticker kit boasts a yield and attachment to your bike that is incredible. Comprehensive graphics resulting from a study dictated by Althea Design's dedication to the world of two wheels and extreme sports.    

The Ultracurve X1 stand

  Althea Design is a group of professional motocross enthusiasts and others who are 100 percent dedicated to producing such products. Honda stickers are in fact produced with the best technology on the market. Ultracurve X1 is the state-of-the-art machinery used by us to design and print Honda adhesive kits. A 150-micron printing substrate that provides the highest level of graphic output and incredible adhesion. Ultracurve X1 manufactures Official Crystal graphics (also used in MXGP) with anti-bubble qualities, a tough nut to crack for those who wish to apply these to their dirt bike. How is this possible? This material is composed of microholes that ensure that superfluous air escapes after proper application. The thickness of Crystal is 350 microns, this is in fact used on jet skis, snowmobiles, motard, motocross, enduro and quad bikes. Our passion is what drives us to always come up with high-quality materials, such as our Crystal with its extraordinary yield and malleability.  

Honda graphics compatibility

  Honda graphics are available for all versions and compatible for every displacement. Our site also includes a special section regarding assembly instructions, which are reliable because they have been tested by us. In any case, proper application requires that the vehicle remain stationary for at least 48 from the application of the adhesives. For more info on assembly or other questions we suggest you refer to the FAQs in the appropriate section of the website or contact us via our contact form.    

Honda graphics in crystal ©UltraKurve available for:

  GRAPHICS HONDA CRF 450 2021/2024 | 2017/2020 | 2013/2016 | 2011/2012 | 2009/2010 | 2007/2008 | 2005/2006 | 2002/2004 GRAPHICS HONDA CRF 250 2022/2025 | 2018/2021 | 2014/2016 | 2010/2013 | 2008/2009 | 2006/2007 | 2004/2005 GRAPHICS HONDA CR 125 2002/2007 | 2000/2001 | 1998/1999 | 1995/1997 | 1993/1994 GRAPHICS HONDA CR 250 2002/2007 | 2000/2001 | 1997/1999 | 1995/1996 | 1993/1994 In addition, Althea Design has all CRF X graphics, HM graphics, CRM graphics and RX graphics. For models or vintages not listed please contact us.