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Ktm graphics
All ktm graphics can be made for any model and year of motorcycle, from ktm 125 to ktm 530, ktm 50, ktm 65 and 85

In our store you will find your Ktm motocross or Ktm enduro sticker kit . Our motorcycle graphics are made with official crystal used in MXGP. Custom Ktm graphics with name and number of your choice, possibility, also to insert personal logos in your Ktm sticker kit.

You can conveniently pay on delivery or in 3 installments with Clearpay, you will receive your custom ktm graphics in about 6/10 working days, and then have fun applying them on your Ktm, you can also watch our video tutorial dedicated to applying the kit Ktm stickers. For any other information please do not hesitate to contact us via whatsapp, our support team will give you all the info you need.

The motorcycle models are so numerous that it would be impossible to display all the corresponding photos. In any case, although we only show the latest model for each brand, the ktm sticker kit will be made exactly for your bike, once you choose the design, just enter the model and year of your ktm motocross or ktm enduro in the appropriate fields. We have ktm 125 stickers, ktm motard stickers, and ktm exc stickers





Ktm graphics

    To make your beautiful dirt bike miss nothing at all, confidently apply our outstanding and above all quality Ktm Graphics, and you will not be disappointed, in fact they are so perfect that they do not look like stickers, but an integral part of the bike. All of Althea Design's graphics make your bike gritty and colorful, which will be more attractive along various routes or parked for a short stop. Don't miss the opportunity to personally and uniquely embellish your bike, which will become simply adorable enough to make others envious when they see you speeding down the slopes. Our passion and commitment to motocross and extreme sports drives us to design new eye-catching and unique graphics all the time. Our goal is precisely to transform the aesthetics of the vehicle and make it even more inviting and simply uninhibited and unprejudiced. Leave the dull, gray memories of days that are all the same at home because by applying our graphics to the bike, she herself will color your best moments to be lived to the fullest and greatest.

Ktm graphics sticker kit

The Ktm graphics sticker kit includes the following items:
  • Adhesives for Conveyors
  • Stickers for Tables
  • Stickers for Filter Case
  • Fender Stickers
  • Adhesives for Parasteles
  • Swingarm Stickers
With this kit the aesthetics of your bike will be quite different and most importantly personal with perhaps a name, logo and number. All of our graphics are among the best on the market and reflect in their design that motocross thrill that you have surely experienced who knows how many times before. Ktm stickers are easy to apply, but most importantly, they are flawless, beautiful, glossy or matte, in a variety of colors, and are incredible in performance and durability.

The printing medium

Our company consists of a group of professionals with a passion for motocross and extreme sports who work to produce outstanding graphics suitable for this industry. For example, Ktm stickers are created with state-of-the-art materials and media to satisfy even the most demanding customers. With the latest Ultracurve X1 machine, we design and print the Ktm sticker kit using 150-micron printing that ensures quality graphics and perfect adhesion. The material used is the Official Crystal also used in MXGP. Its most obvious feature is anti-bubble so that stickers can be applied without bubbles forming that would completely ruin the graphics. In fact, this material is composed of tiny holes that let out excess air naturally after and during application. The thickness of Crystal is 350 microns and is also used for jet skis, snowmobiles, motard and quad bikes. But the important quality of this material is also its ductility and malleability.

Ktm graphics compatibility

Ktm Graphics are always available for all displacements and versions. Here, on the site you can read the assembly instructions tested by us and therefore reliable. After application, the medium must remain stationary for 48 hours. For doubts, information and clarifications you can contact us on the Form on the site or read the related FAQ.

Graphics Compatibility List

  Our Ktm graphics motocross kits are compatible with:  
  • Ktm exc 125
  • Ktm sxf 450
  • Ktm sx 125
  • Ktm sxf 250
For all production years.