adhesive with bubble-free FLO technology, structured with microchannels to expel excess air, supported by a highly aggressive pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive system, specifically designed to adhere to difficult substrates and most low surface energy plastics, perfect for motorcycle graphics.

Printing medium

Flexible 150-micron, malleable white polymeric vinyl film with ultra white surface for unsurpassed color brilliance, the world’s best printing medium for motorcycle graphics.


380-micron flexible transparent vinyl coating supported by an optically transparent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive system specifically designed to adhere to print media. Combined with our print media is the industry-leading combination for high-quality motorcycle graphics and motocross decals. Demanding industrial applications requiring additional impact/abrasion resistance.

Perfection in motorcycle graphics is called UltraKurve

  • Adhesive
  • Printing medium
  • Crystal

all in one solution to ensure you get the most out of it.

An extraordinary combination of products and technologies with which you can design your own custom graphics in an infinite number of possibilities.

For a unique, original and iconic medium.

Always perfect.

Like right out of the dealership. Even under a mountain of mud.

From the starting gate to the podium.

How is this possible?


UltraKurve Technology motorcycle graphics

First there was Air Free technology, the technology that made the application of graphics dummies-proof

For more: Air Free Technology: applying adhesives has never been easier

Now presents UltraKurve.

That combines the bubble-free technique with innovative products that make the graphics durable and unalterable.

Even to the hardest stresses.

All it takes is a wash and your bike is back to blazing.

Like right out of the store!


See the details.

The glue

In perfect applications, the first secret is the adhesive.

Ultracurve uses a bubble-free FLO technology adhesive supported by a highly aggressive acrylic adhesive capable of adhering to the most difficult surfaces .

Polyethylene, polypropylene and TPO do not stand a chance.

And on low surface energy plastics or metals it ensures permanent adhesion.

Whether the surface is smooth or rough.

But a glue of this level needs proper printing media that can maintain the beauty of the colors for a long time.

So let’s see what Ultracurve came up with.

Printing medium

An ultra white polymeric vinyl filmaccommodates your chosen colors, making them unsurpassed bright.

Impossible not to notice them.

While the flexibility and malleability adapts perfectly to the shape of your bike.

What about the resistance?

Here are the technical details

  • Tensile strength 68N/25 mm
  • Dimensional stability 0.8 mm
  • Lifetime graphics, outdoors, up to 7 years

But for additional impact resistance, a special coating specifically designed to adhere best to a high-end printing substrate. Like this.

We are talking about the Crystal


Made of transparent vinyl, with a thickness of 380 microns, it proves to be the ultimate in flexibility.

And it is configured as the ideal coating for high-quality graphics that require additional resistance to impact and abrasion.


  • engineered calendered vinyl
  • of crystalline color
  • Tensile strength of 336N/25 mm, resistant to mild acids, solvents, salts and maximum water yield ( including immersion)
  • Equipped with solvent-based transparent acrylic adhesive

combined with high quality media, make Ultracurve motorcycle graphics industry leaders.

With guaranteed outdoor performance for up to 7 years.

Needless to say, this is a must-have upgrade for your bike and your perfect racing.

Important , however, is to understand how you can achieve this quickly and highly professionally.

It’s time for Altheadesign!

Ultracurve motorcycle graphics

What you need is personalized and original graphics that are permanent and unbreakable.

To stand out, always.

What you need is

The only one capable of guaranteeing you customized and original UltraKurve motorcycle graphics with cutting-edge technology and professional experts.

A choice that ensures you get the best to define your image and your medium!

In fact, your UltraKurve Technology Sticker Kit guarantees indestructible motorcycle graphics made with top-notch products and techniques.

Personalized with name and number of your choice, it allows you, in addition, to insert personal logos.

In about 6/10 working days, you can make your bike unique and recognizable by paying on delivery or in 3 convenient Clearpay installments.

Easy payment with Clearpay

And ordering is so easy!

Just enter the model and year of yours in the appropriate fields. You can, like this. Have graphics designed exclusively for your medium.

If you have any questions , however, contact

A team of experts will be happy to answer your questions.

What more could you want?

Altheadesign. is waiting for you withinnovative UltraKurve technology and its professionals who will follow you step by step.